Experience Smartphone Apps on your browser

Google has always tried to come up with innovative products. I am sure most of you are already using Google Web store on Chrome. I must say, a very smart move from Google to retain traffic on their browser all the time.  Like any other Google product, Chrome web store is addictive and it will be one of the things you will be using in future.

Now coming to the experience which you get on Webstore. If you dont have a smartphone, you really dont have worry about it. Just install Google Chrome for free and enjoy the apps which you always want. It has a good collection of android apps which we are always looking for. Now you can envy your smartphone friends that ” Look, I am also playing Angry birds without a smartphone”

Now some of the cons which I have observed in this store. Some apps are not working and they crash due to some reason. I think they really need to work on it because apps doesnt look 100% tested and quality assured.  I have experienced this in some weather and financial apps. Other apps sometimes are unable to install and some doesnt work at all after installing. so I guess, the idea is great but there are some flaws in the apps. But as a start, you can install all the famous apps which are fully functional.

Google Docs – 12 new File Formats

Now, the Google Docs Viewer enables you to suitably view attached PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, and PDF documents. File viewing in your browser is far quicker and secure as compared to viewing them after you have downloaded them. The Google Docs Viewer is now offering enhanced features, and with it now, you can view several highly requested and most popular file formats. Some of the primary ones are;

  • Microsoft Excel – .XLSX and .XLS
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and 2010 – .PPTX
  • Apple Pages – .PAGES
  • Adobe Illustrator – .AI
  • Adobe Photoshop – .PSD
  • Autodesk AutoCad – .DXF
  • XML Paper Specification – .XPS
  • TrueType – .TTF
  • PostScript – .PS, .EPS
  • Scalable Vector Graphics – .SVG

All these documents will be showing a ‘View’ link while they are being received in your Gmail Inbox and once you click over the link you will be able to view all these format documents. Google Docs Blog stated that the Google Docs Viewer fully supporting utility for any web portal, with both embedded and full Chrome option.

Cloud Print-Integrated with Google Chrome

The cloud print option is going to be an incorporated featured in the upcoming Chrome version. It has particularly aimed at improving and enhancing the simplicity and convenience of printing. This new feature has been released initially in the spring.

To make use of the Cloud Print option, while you have a Google account, you need to setup printer drivers with them in a cloud. When you keep them decentralized with Cloud Print, you can stay away from any kinds of disturbances mainly concerning printer’s setup. The documents that need to be printed can be sent to Google where they can be modified and then intended to be transformed into a hard copy.

The Apple’s AirPrint feature is somewhat compatible with the Google’s Cloud Print feature is pretty much comparable to that of Google. The ePrint function is a built-in characteristic available in the latest HP printers and it is compared to the Chrome’s new feature. With the ePrint feature, the printers are assigned with an email ID to a particular user whom you want to send documents and that can be added in the print queue.

Presently, there are no Cloud Print based printers available in the market. With the chrome’s beta version, Google has integrated this functionality. Currently, it is only supported by Windows platform; nevertheless, others are expected soon.

Cloud Print is a significant feature associated with Chrome OS. This new operating system is particularly related to transference and this is what precisely what Cloud Print was proposed for, the delegation of printing mechanics.

Can Firefox be the next fastest browser?

With the fierce war among the Internet browsers, Firefox has also announced to take a giant step ahead by deciding to launch a super duper speed browser version 4.0 in this year. With the advent of HTML 5 which is going to be the future of standard web technologies and plugins, Mozilla Firefox is planning to give full control of the browser to its users. The beta version will be available to the users in coming July of 2010 whereas the final version would be available by the end of this year.

Firefox 3.7 version is due in this month which has been already re-branded as 3.6.4. The coming versions has some improvements like crashing, support of some additional plugins and also reduce the starting speed. Firefox is the one of the most popular browsers in this category. The browser used to be only direct competitor for Internet Explorer but after Google Chrome and Safari coming in the market, Firefox and Internet Explorer lost their market shares. Every browser is positioned as the fastest browser in the world so we cannot say Firefox will meet the customer’s expectations or not. Internet explorer is already creating a hype for its version 9. Firefox 4.0 beta version is expected to release in coming few months.

Google Chrome Vs. Internet Explorer

Chrome is the fastest and greatest growing web browser until now; where as Microsoft IE is losing the market share.
Google chrome had a market share of 6.13%, which has increased to 6.73% and that, is approximately 10% in a single month. Microsoft Internet Explorer experienced a substantial and considerable loss in the past few months, dropping its market share from 60.65% to 59.95%. Safari had 4.65% share, which grew by 0.07% and reached 4.72%. Firefox raised from 24.52% to 24.59%, while Opera ended up with a market share of 2.3% in the web browsing market.
Generally, Safari and Firefox remained rather static from the last few years; where as Apple Safari grew too slowly, fluctuation Firefox with minute percentage change. Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer shared the market share, showing strong trends upwards and downwards, respectively.
It has been noted that people are opting for Google chrome, and it is considered quicker than Internet explorer browser. Mostly tech related people are prefer to use chrome whereas for general public Microsoft Internet Explorer is still leading