Apple Denies Tracking iPhones and iPads

Your 3G-enabled iPad and iPhone have been sending out your exact geographical locations to someone and you do not even know about it that this particular information has been in use!! You never know who has been tapping into this particular information and if in case, it has been misused? These are some of the questions that are being presently asked by the horrified and shocked Apple users and the alarming part is that there are no answers at all!

For the time being, Apple has stated that it has ‘not tracked’ its consumers’ movements’ and this is something that has never been done. On the other hand, it is being one of the most serious, dangerous threats associated with its credibility as researchers have located the secret files that detail Apple users’ movements, and they could be plotted against a map. This entire data goes back a few months and even a year in some of the cases!




Apple: iPad 2 Demand Has Been Staggering

Apple Corporation has recently revealed that it has sold more than 4.7 million iPad units in the highest grossing March quarter ever. The sales figure of the iPad represent around 2.6 million fewer units sold in the previous quarter, however not for lack of demand.

Peter Oppenheimer, Apple’s CFO stated on the company’s earnings call that we have sold almost every iPad 2 unit that we could make in the entire quarter.

During the Q&A session of the call, Tim Cook – Apple COO delved quite deeper into the situation. The company is coming across a staggering demand from the iPad 2 consumers and is being heavily backlogged.

The company however is beyond its channel inventory target range; neverthless Cook doesnt point the iPad supply issues to Japan tsunami, and is not at all predicting any cost or material impacts during the third fiscal quarter. On the other hand, he agreed that the situation is pretty uncertain.

Thus, why Apple wasnt able to meet the demand for the iPad 2 during this quarter? The company stated that there have been some issues with the planning and product; however, didnt disclose any particular reason regarding this matter.

Apple, however is completely incorporating its competance in producing iPad 2 in large quantities for the quarter ahead, though it is not promising to cover up the demands cannot promise to meet demand.

Apple has extended its production list to 25 other countries by the end of March; moreover, it is placing the iPad 2 in 13 additional countries in the coming week.




Social Networking – Understand in a Better Way!



You will be provided with the fundamentals related to the Social Networking. This video primarily focuses on the role of Social Media Networking in your day-to-day life. it includes:

  • People related to different networks via their personal life and business
  • Networks in the real world – the hidden nature of those networks
  • How Social Media Web Portals are useful in revealing hidden connection
  • The fundamental concept related to social networking websites



Increase the Speed of your Website

People belonging to all walks of life are utilizing the power of the world wide web in the present times and this way they are able to attain a lot of stuff. The Internet makes them search and find such things they have been looking for in a less period of time instead of going to the shopping malls in person, searching through the pages of a telephone directory and a lot more. When people are having access to fast Internet, they greatly appreciate it as those who are living their life at a fast pace do not ever prefer wasting their time when they know that they are going to get access to the same thing more rapidly via any other means other than the Internet. however, there are such people existing as well who do not have a rapid access to the Internet as they are making use of dial up Internet to login to the world wide web. There are large numbers of professional and expert web designing companies and they consider this particular point while they are building and developing the websites for their clients worldwide.

No matter in which part of the world you are, if you are having access to the Internet, you can make use of it and utilize it to market your products and services. Regardless of marketing the same products or services to different parts of the world, the loading time period for each location could differ where your potential buyers are trying to access your website. therefore, if your potential buyers are going to come across the issue of slow loading time while they are viewing your website, there is a huge probability that your potential consumers will be shifting to another web portal that loads faster as compared to your website.

When you are having a website and it loads fasts, it turns out to be extremely beneficial to the web portal owners as the website visitors will not be wasting their precious time in waiting for the website to load. This is because, all those people who happen to be impatient and keen will not be waiting for the website to load if it is taking too much of time and they will simply prefer visiting another web portal instead of your website. The loading time of the website is one of the most significant and substantial factors that is taken into considerable by all the search engines such as Google while they are ranking the website. In the present times, it has become extremely imperative for all the web designing and developing agencies to work on reducing the loading time period of the websites which they are producing.

Following are some of the vital tip and techniques that you can make use of while you want to reduce the loading time of your website pages. Moreover, these guidelines are also going to help you improving your website loading time along with increasing your website page rankings with the search engines.

  1. One of the most significant factors that are associated with a loading time of your website is the number of graphics and images you have inserted into your website. You should only be utilizing vital images on your website. The usage of images and graphics will be helpful in enhancing the feel and outlook of your entire website. Therefore, you should only be considering including only necessary images to your website instead of overloading it and making your potential consumers wait for ages until your website loads or uploads completely. For this reason, it has been strongly advised that instead of placing full size images, you should be making use of thumbnails. Moreover, making use of a background color for your website will make it load faster as compared to when you have made use of an image.
  2. You should be avoiding making use of the flash based components as this is another means to make your website load right away. People prefer making use of Flash based animations as it is useful in making the website attractive and colorful, however, unfortunately it is going to cause your website take a longer period of time to load. As a website owner, you must be well aware of the fact that the search engine spiders just do not like it to trawl much to the WebPages and more animations that are flash you have; this makes it quite tough for them to completely analyze your website and pages. It is better to avoid flash and still if you feel that it is  required, make sure you are keeping it simple.
  3. You can also make use of different website based tools such as a good idea can be making use of Google webmasters. This tool is going to provide you with a good idea about how your website is actually performing. There are a large number of web tools that are presently available over the World Wide Web and they can turn out to be extremely useful in evaluating and analyzing your website; its loading time and speed. Once you start making use of such tools, you will be in an accurate position to execute some of the necessary modifications required to reduce the time your website is taking to load fully.
  4. search engine optimization strongly recommend the website owners to make use of the JavaScript files and external CSS which would be helping them in reducing the loading time period of their website. The reason behind is that if the file is being coded within HTML itself, the file size would be huge. On the other hand, if it is being done using JavaScript files and external style sheets, it would be easier for you to insert them into your website and also it will be reducing the loading time. In case, you have too many external style sheets available to you, you can choose any one of them to merge them altogether so that the web page only has to call a single file and not many.
  5. In addition, you can also make use of an online image optimizer which would be helpful in reducing the image along with the file size. You will be able to reduce pngs, jpg or gif images sizes which will allow you to improve the loading time of the images that have been inserted into your website. This is going to make your web portal more user-friendly to all the audience along with your probable customers as well.
  6. You should only be making use of static images and text. As this way, your website will be loaded rapidly as compared to animation graphics or movable text. Though, animations or moveable text gets more attention but it could turn out to be a drawback for you. It could be irritating to the visitors; moreover, they may also going to slow your website and it will not load quickly.

With so many tips, you can figure out the best one that you can make use of to boost the uploading time of your website. Make sure you are making an appropriate decision as this is ultimately going to affect your business to a great extent.


iPhone – Marketing Strategies

When it is about Apple Marketing, the marketing strategies related to iPhone are extremely simple, clear, yet clever. With a simple and plain Apple Icon, Apple is focusing on an extremely innovative style when it comes to their products. The iPhone by Apple was launched back in June year 2007. The outstanding and innovative design of the iPhone was being touted for various months before it was originally launched. Later after its release, it was rated as one of the best when it comes to all the cell and smart phone market over the past few years. Before the official release of the iPhone, Apple came up with four television commercials that was to promote this gadget to the masses.

One of the commercial portrayed that the upcoming iPhone gadget is the additional step from the most popular iPod. The iPod was rated to be the leader until this point of time, but later with the release of the iPhone it has been named as the next generation iPod along with being a phone as well. The advert shows that the iPhone has all the enhanced features that are presently available in the iPod; however, it is an enhanced and improved version with better features.

You can do anything with your iPhone gadget, you can watch movies; and with touch of your finger, you can get back to the main screen. Then again, with the menu, you can figure out the Maps app which will enable you to find the best seafood location that is closest to you. With your gadget, you will be able to find a location which is also going to be highlighted which is the nearest. You are going to get the phone number and then you can dial via your iPhone dial.

The initial four iPhone adverts were useful in promoting the usefulness, innovation, and convenience all integrated into a single product which his not only a phone but also a music device that enables an individual to view maps, browse the web, check e-mail, make conference calls, view photos, and watch videos. Apple does not only make use of the television medium as a component of your marketing strategy; nevertheless, they are also making use of their web portal and they have been publishing informative press releases and videos that would have been developed into a single document. Apple also makes use of such tactics and techniques that are useful in building up the hype and then leaving the consumers wanting more and more.

When Apple comes up with brief press releases, it provides its targeted audience with a little to go off. To make it more precise, as soon as any information is released related to the products, all those who care and are Apple product fanatics will be grasping them whatever comes their way. As a result, Apple probably would publicly disavow all such kinds of rumors related to such scraps mentioned related to company plans; on the other hand, their entire marketing department secretly would be feeling delighted. It would be costing a lot to make use of such kind of web based advertising otherwise.

iPhone’s official web portal offers a lot more to its consumers than just information related to the products. The web site is also providing various tricks and tips which would be helpful in making use of the iPhone gadget along with focusing the apps to a great extent. You are even going to find “App of the Week” at the main page which is also providing detailed info related to that particular application. Moreover, the website also includes a section which has been titled as ‘Top Apps’ and ‘Apps for Everything’. For all the current iPhone users and consumers that have a great interest in buying the gadget, Apple has such a web portal which is offering outstanding marketing tools. The Apps are useful in creating a stronger and functional source of generate a large stream of revenues for Apple Corporation. As the consumers see the top rated and latest iPhone applications, they are intended to further downloading the application instead of searching via 25,000+ apps that would have been of a significant value to them.

Youngsters are the targeted audience that Apple has primarily focused on this particular as group. Apple with only this particular audience has hopped with the fact that with this 48% audience did not own the iPod that have been launched previously by Apple. At the end of year 2008, Apple had forecasted to reach more than 10 million sales only related to the iPhone.

One month before the iPhone’ release, the Solutions Research Group provided a cross-section of all those who have been aware of the gadget. The forecasted buyers for the day the gadget was to be released were rated as a majority of T-Mobile consumers, AT&T’s only GSM-based product competitor that was around 15%. AT&T’s existing customer base was rated to be one of the second largest groups that were anticipated to make the iPhone purchase and it was approximately 12%. Moreover, the Solutions Research Group also figure out that 72% of males against 28% of women were more interested in investigating about the gadget with its minimal price of $499. The obvious and present target audience for iPhone mainly includes a group of young people ranging between the ages of 20 and 35, mobile employees, jet setters and affluent teenagers.

The Apple Corporation is primarily renowned for their simply yet catchy advertisements. In some of the latest Television adverts focusing the Apple’s iPhone, the new catch is ‘There’s an App for that’ that certainly is helpful in placing a strong and well-built focus related to different applications that have been made available by Apple at the App store. Applications or the Apps are available in all categories ranging from social networking to productivity, fitness, and health to finance, entertainment to education, and business to games. These applications turn out to be a useful tool while you are making use of the iPhone gadget as it is offering a large number of features that simply could be enhanced while you make use of these applications. Apple in the present times is claiming to have more than 25000+ applications that available and the number is still growing with every passing day.

The targeted audience is greatly on focus with all these apps that are being offered to them. Primarily, there is an application for everyone. There have been few adverts related to various iPhone apps that you are certainly going to find one which could be of a great significance. Only few have been promoted by the commercials. The Apps concerning the iPhone are offering utmost functionality and practicality that an individual could even think of. Moreover, Apple has also offered its consumers to build their own applications and they can even submit to the Apple Store as well. This has made things a lot more convenient and easier as people being a third party design different applications that could be of a great help to them and others as well. As soon as the application becomes functional, they can submit it to the App Store for free or even they can put a fee for its usage.




Google BlogSpot: Banned!!

More than 600,000 Blogspot users in the region of Turkey have been left dry and high as their country is coming across a ban on this frequently used web portal. This is first and foremost because of the Turkish Super League football matches as they have been shown and streamed on the portal free of charges and this is not at all acceptable to some of the companies mainly including Digiturk, which is a satellite TV company.

A copyright violation complaint has been filed in one of the Turkish Courts claiming that the matches that is has been broadcasting have been also appearing on the website.

For this reason, the Google’s Blogger/Blogspot has been completely blocked it all.



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Eric Schmidt replaced; Larry Page is the new Google CEO

Google is to make two significant announcements this afternoon – firstly, it’s the Q4 earnings, the second and the most considerable one if that Eric Schmidt is to be replaced by Larry Page as the new CEO, who is going to take charge of the IT giant from April 4 2011.

Page is not someone who is new to Google, the fact is that he was Google’s CEO back in year 1998 for three consecutive years and now he will be handling the operations, on the other hand, Schmidt will be serving as the Executive Chairman. His role would be more of external operations such as deals, mergers, partnerships, interaction, leadership, knowledge, and technological exchange with the Governments. Moreover, Schmidt verified that the will be working as an internal advisor to Larry Page along with other co-founder named as Sergey Brin and he is currently managing the strategic projects.

The primary focus of the entire top management actually led to t his restructuring of the management, it will be extremely helpful in simplifying the entire management structure, which will be improving the efficiency, and effectiveness of the decision making process that was due since long. This well thought out restructuring is anticipated to enhance the accountability and clarity of the top management and Schmidt believes that working with Page and Sergey in this new role will be offering Google with long-term benefits.

Page is likewise excited about the future scenarios that would be resulting from this restructuring practice. He states that Schmidt’s role in the in last decade enabled the company to attain outstanding growth and this has been proved by the spectacular results. Google’s entire top management is simply unique in the whole world that is combining all the genius of the founders and the brilliant business success that does not looses focus on any of the areas. He believes that Google is a company that has incredible potential to grow and he has all such reasons which make him extremely excited about his new role in the company.