Google is going to ban Windows

Now thats what I call a hot story and yes you heard it right. Google is going to ban Windows due to some security controls. Lets find out the pros and cons of this move.

When we see the pros of this strategy, it looks perfectly fine; We all know the arch rivalry of Google and Microsoft and keeping in mind the Google’s products it just makes perfect sense. Android and Google’s web browser Chrome are built on Linux. Google has been grabbing the market share since its launch  and it has been proved that Internet Explorer has been used to target different systems for stealing data which brought some security concerns infront of Google. Most of the targeted systems were using Windows as the malware was speard among those users who were using Windows because of its dominant market share. So, more market share means more users leads to more targeted PCs. So it has been assumed by Google that if they shift to some other platform like Linux will help them avoiding such targeted attacks.

However, when asked the same question from different security experts they said that switching from one platform to another doesn’t guarantee that it would safe the organization from avoiding such Targeted attacks. It might be a possibility that the number of attacks are reduced but again we cannot guarantee. Director of ESET gave a very spectacular statement to which I agree upto 100%. He said that its just another marketing and public relation tactic which Google is using just to show their customers that they are doing something about Security concerns. So, to sum up the views of different Internet security companies, I would say Google should do something special about securing their data rather than just banning windows because if somehow Google’s data is being targeted, we need to remember one thing that its a jackpot of sensitive data.

Facebook’s New Privacy Roll Out!

Facebook has rolled out its new privacy settings. Lets  see if this time, Facebook has tried covering up the holes or not. Below is the break down, which you should know;

  1. One Control to Rule All: Facebook has announced it that now there will be just a single privacy setting for the entire account. This actually saves every Facebook update after you login, and individually changing all of your settings to “Only Friends” or whatever you choose.The control will be working historically, which means that all the previous contents will be blocked, and the future contents should not be seen. The present controls will also be available to the users to make the change according to what they want.
  2. Less information is available to public now: the default settings at Facebook enabled people to see who you are, and who are your friends, and also about which pages you are a fan of. However, now, these default settings have been scaled back, and will no longer be allowing people to see your information unless you permit them.
  3. Less access given to the Third Party Apps: third party apps will be given limited access to your personal information, unless you appreciate them
  4. Unplugging entirely from Games & Apps: Facebook users will be able to simply unplug entirely from accessing games and third party apps. You do not have to send an annoying message to your friends to join certain application or game. You can just select as not being a part of that particular apps or activity at the corner of Facebook world at all.

What’s the actual Catch?

Zuckerberg states that it is recommended to keep these setting open to every person, referring to the basic info, people you are friends with, and the pages you are a fan of. He further adds that if you changing these settings will make you hide from those people who are searching for you, whereas you can control the setting individually, and you can still hide information, leaving your identity open to public searching. Facebook is a business, and it does not prefer that anyone hide its publicly available information.

The question here arises that will the critics that has been occurring in the last few days will be satisfied or not?

Making it short, the word is Yes! It is expected that Facebook will now give its users will clear privacy settings, and brief access to every users’ privacy controls and settings. Facebook should realize the power has strength that comes from its users, and their satisfaction should be the prior concern. And, in case Facebook does not cater to the concerns of its users, they will indeed be losing the greatest social networking market share, and soon would be dead. Time will make the users decide if the step taken by Facebook should be applauded or still Facebook has to cover a long way to attain perfection and confidence!

The man who was infected by Computer Virus

It may sounds crazy but its a reality that a British scientist has become the first human being who was infected by a computer virus.  Now the million dollar question is how come a malicious software or program has infected a human being. Lets find out!

Dr. Mark Gasson is a computer expert in the field of cybernetics who is currently teaching at University of Reading.  He was currently working on how the bionic devices can be attacked with computer viruses and how they can be treated. An RFID chip was implanted in Gasson’s arm which emits signals so he can access certain restricted areas of University. In a Nutshell, the chip was working as an Internal Swipe card for him. The experiment worked fine and now Gasson and his team developed a virus to to see how a virus can replicate itself wirelessly in these implanted RFID chips. So the virus attack was done deliberatley to see the effect it can does to the chip and this was part of the experiement.

Another question arises here that how would it can have an effect on human health because other implanted devices like in ears or some other bionic devices  can do some damage to human health too depending on the nature of the virus attack. When asked the same question from Gasson and his team, they said that these RFID chips are perfectly OK. Gasson further said that these RFID chips will not be just for scientists but people would love to implant these chips to improve their brain functions, IQ and many other possibilities which are still under development

Yahoo Plans to compete with Google and Facebook

Today, the success of any website is not measured in terms of its daily traffic but the engagement of the users with the website and also the total time a user is spending in one visit. The concept of Web 2.0 is greatly influenced by this phenomenon and websites like YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia and many others where the user is interacting more with the website are becoming famous.

Yahoo has surely learned from this trend and they are now intensively working on their website. The trigger behind this new working is the trend that Yahoo has observed in the part 16 months where the user engagement has significantly dropped.  According to, users spent an average of 336.4 minutes in January 2009, but just after 2 months this number dropped to 247.9 minutes in April 2009. In an interview with Yahoo’s CEO Carol Baltz; he said that the biggest disengagement has been witnessed in Yahoo mail so we need to work on the mail side to increase the user’s engagement with the website.  We cannot forget the stiff competition, Yahoo must be currently facing from Google and Facebook which might be the reason behind Yahoo’s concern. Yahoo is also very hopeful once it’s partnership gets stronger with Microsoft will definitely help the portal in increasing the user’s engagement. Baltz said that by the mid of 2012, we are going make yahoo an intense personalization portal for which we have started working already.

Speech Capabilities in Chrome

Google is working on on voice recognition and text to speech capability that will be embedded in mobile and desktop browsers. The company is interested in making this functionality as the industry standard because according to Google, there is a great need that exists for such kind of functionality.

With the advent of HTML 5, Google is interested in launching the video codecs and speech recognition capabilities browsers as they believe that people now want to speak for certain type of queries rather than typing. Google strongly believes that this new technology will enable the developers to introduce a new class of applications. Although, it is not confirmed that when these capabilities will be available in the Chrome but it is confirmed that they are currently working on it and soon it will become one of the industry’s standard.

Nokia’s exclusive partnership with Yahoo

Nokia and Yahoo have now formed a partnership, and according to it, they will mutually present the exclusive content over their contrary platforms.

Nokia will be the exclusive content provider for navigation and maps for Yahoo; and Yahoo has offered Nokia with an exclusive email provider.

This has turned out to be a deeper collaboration than expected, and it could be particularly useful for Nokia to broaden its scope and range of messaging and email services in the upcoming markets, where it is already holding a strong market share.

This remarkable move made by Nokia has made its stocks price go up with a percentage of 0.4, whereas Yahoo got an increase of 0.8percent in its stock price. This partnership will definitely open new horizons for both the players as both are one of the best in their business. Yahoo could offer its other services and they can also come up with their own operating system which they can run on Nokia’s smartphones. Similarly, Nokia’s infrastructure can be a real benefit for Yahoo as well.

Google’s gift to its users : Pacman for life

On Friday, when I opened and found Google is celebrating Pacman day, I wasn’t really excited but after sometime when I got the point I can play Pacman, I was not only excited but also after sometime I got addicted to the game for no reason.  The “I am feeling Lucky” button was gone and replaced with Insert Coin giving me the exact experience as if I am playing the game in some video game center.

Initially, the page with Pacman game was supposed to be there for 48 hours on Pacman’s 30th Anniversary but I guess Google has got the point how much people have loved the Pacman’s page and they decided to give its users as a permanent gift. If you are thinking that you can download the game from some Apps store, you are wrong. Google has created a page so that the users can get the same experience which they got while celebrating the Pacman’s anniversary.  You can access the webpage on for life now. The game is available with all 256 levels on this page. Pacman has always been an addition for users and Twitter users cracked the jokes about how Google decreased the productivity of US employees in these 48 hours by putting Pacman on homepage. I must say that Pacman on Google is surely one of the best gifts especially for US as they have strong history and associations with this game. 4VF5KMAMM3G9

Canada on Facebook- it’s getting awful!

Facebook is having a bad time these days! And it has heard that soon it will appear before a federal judge in Canada. This enduring controversy is concerned with the privacy settings of Facebook. The case is filed against Facebook as it has violated some rules against Canadian private-sector privacy acts.

There are privacy settings can be adjusted according to your needs and requirements, but actually they are extremely complicated and difficult to understand fully. Because of this, users have been already asking Facebook to make it easier and comfortable for them. Lots of people have experienced this while they are even editing their personal Facebook settings according to what they need, and everyone just had trouble with it. Canadian officials are taking appropriate investigations and steps and will be taking Facebook to court for certain! Even the Canadians and most of the people belonging to other countries are wondering that where their personal information is going. It is a common knowledge that Facebook share your personal information with companies that are creating different applications.

In case, your information has also been shared, then it’s certainly your fault! If you do not want your information and personal information go public then it is advised not to sign up for Facebook. Facebook undoubtedly is a useful tool, but only if it is USED as a PRACTICAL AND CONTRUCTIVE TOOL!!

IPhone 4G pictures leaked!!!

There are no underlying details, but some pictures of Iphone 4G have been leaked, previewing what may be a white front., which is a Taiwanese website, posted these photos this last weekend.
Is it a new move again by Apple to actually break off the color, and design from all other smart phones that are bursting onto the market? Is Apple trying to integrate the Mac’s classic white into the new Iphone design? At this point of time, these are just speculations. However, enjoy the new outlook! 🙂