iPad international pre-orders go live

iPad’s International launch is forthcoming. Across the globe, the ‘pre-order’ button has been lighting up this weekend, with some of the initial sightings on the Apple store web portals being in UK and Australia.

It was reported in the last month of April that Apple announced the delay in international sales their products until May. No reason was mentioned except ‘overwhelming demand’; however, the announcement corresponded with an assumed LCD screen shortage, which probably have been somewhat at fault.

The international release date for iPad is 28th May 2010. Both the 3G-enabled models and Wi-Fi based models will be available across nine countries around the world including Belgium, Singapore, New Zealand, Luxembourg, Ireland, Hong Kong, Austria, and Mexico. In July, you will be able to enjoy the Apple’s upcoming gadget the Tablet computing.

Verizon Customers want Iphone

A recent survey has been conducted by a marketing research agency and the results came out to be in great favor of Iphone among Verizon subscribers. This research was conducted on a sample of 4000 customers out of which 19% are very likely to have Iphone if their current operator offers Iphone followed by 34% who said “Somewhat likely to have”

AT&T who is currently offering Iphone plan came out to be the least favorite brand among customers as their despite their low churn the customers are not very satisfied with the service due to frequent call drops and other network issues as well. On the other hand 45% of the customers were very satisfied with Verzion service on satisfaction index which shows high potential for Iphone users. So Apple! what are you waiting for …I think you should go for it…The numbers are supporting the cause

IPhone 4G – 5 Megapixel Camera

Iphone 4g, the forthcoming version of Apple IPhone, is going to make its appearance at the WWDC’10, is considered to have a 5-megapixel camera in it. The Omni Vision is all set and ready to provide a 5-mexapixel camera for the upcoming next generation Iphone 4G to Apple.

One other fascinating addition to this buzz is that the Omni Vision is also willing to supple 3.2-mexapixel camera sensor to Apple, which has already been a part of Iphone 3Gs. It has been professed by OmniVision that the orders have almost doubles it is ranging from 20 million units to now 40 million and plus units for the year 2010.

Android Users! Flash support is coming

We still don’t know when Android 2.2 is going to release but Google has officially announced that Android 2.2 is going to have the full Flash support in this version. According to ZDnet, the latest version is hitting the streets on May 19th but this hasn’t been confirmed by Google. Some other features which are expected in Android 2.2 are its JIT compiler, also all the apps will be updated automatically, FM radio and support for colored lights on handset’s trackball. On the other hand, Flash announced Flash version for smartphones last year but right now they are working on the optimized version of Flash which will be releasing shortly.

On the other hand, Apple continued to take stance that they don’t require any Flash support in Iphone, Ipad or other Apple devices. The story doesn’t end here as Apple has banned their developers from using Adobe CS development tools. What would it have an effect on the sales volume of Apple products and can this rift boost the sales of other players? Stay tuned to Ishtihari

Apple is dominating the Japanese SmartPhone market!

Nowadays, china is not the only Asian country right now that is making the smartphone. Half of the smart phones market is caputred by another Asian country, and that is Japan. According to the recent market research being made in Japan, it is the region where smart phones have become a part of their culture. And, Currently, Apple is around teo third of all the smart phone.

Yes! this is correct. This is the nation, where every individual can get their hands on smart phones putting all American models to shame.
Among all Iphone is still the king. Japan has been years ahead of everyone, when compared with the smart phone industry, this may be a revealing look into the future of the market everywhere else. Perhaps the Android and WP7 are not as much of a threat as they had hoped.

Now you can run Android on Iphone 2G

Yes this is true! Iphone development team uploaded a video on YouTube yesterday explaining how to install Android on Iphone 2G. The same development team made it possible to run Linux on Iphone. The team explained that Iphone is not just a phone for Iphone OS but it always had the dual boot capabilities.  So now people who wants a sleek cellphone like Iphone and reliable OS like android can have the combo on Iphone.

Planetbeing wrote on his blog that ” it is not the besr Android OS that I have ever seen but its the first one I have seen for Iphone”. Planetbeing also explained that it would be easier also to port Android onto Iphone 3G but they are currently working on it. So in the near future we are also going to see Android OS with Iphone 3G

Opera is finally on Iphone

Opera is one of the best browsers available for mobile web surfing. The good thing about this browser that you can even surf the internet on Blackberry even if you are not using Blackberry services. I have used Opera on Symbian and its not just fast but its very user friendly. Now Opera is available on Iphone also. After a long review by Apply Inc, they have decided to distribute Opera on Iphone. Opera has promised that it will give six times faster downloading than Iphone’s own web browser.  Now guess what could be the reaction of Iphone users? Looks like they were waiting for Opera to come. Yahoo news has reported 1 million downloads of Opera on Day 1 which is a big figure.