Upcoming iPhone OS 4.0 permits its users with multitasking

It has been rumoring around everywhere in the blogs now a days. Apple has unveiled some of the features of its latest and upcoming Iphone’s facial appearance, and we cannot just wait for the fresh iphone, which has an operating system that supports multitasking activities.

This iphone OS 4.0 is determined to be launched until the end of this year, and it looks especially high quality   cell phone. Primarily, the information is determined for the existing Ipod, Iphone and eventually it would be the Ipads. Now lets wait and see till the new Iphone arrives

Top 3 Free applications for Ipad

Like someone said everything good in this world is not for free is sometimes wrong especially when it comes to Ipad. We all know that most of the applications on Ipad are not free but there are some which are free to download.

ABC Player

This is one of the most highly used applications not even on Ipad but also Iphone and other Apple devices.  If you are interested in watching Prison break or you have just missed the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy, ABC player is just here for you and its totally free.  According to a report by Wall Street, ABC player for Ipad has been downloaded 205,000 times and  650,000  different television episodes have been watched in just10 days since Ipad has been released.

The Weather Channel Max

This application’s cost was $3.99 when you were an Iphone user but guess what; its free now for Ipad. This application is as flashy as it should be and gives you the right forecast about weather and also read tweets from Weather channel Max. But the story doesn’t end here as you can also watch Weather Channel videos


Like the name suggest, its a navigator for wikipedia so its your wikipedia companion. The differentiating attribute of this gadget is its user friendliness and easy navigation. Wikipanian gives you exactly the same experience as the real wikipedia.

There are of course many others like NYT editors, Bloomberg for Ipad, AIM and many others which are available for free

IPad – Wi-Fi Problems

Looks like IPad is having some technical problems in the very start as the users are complaining about WiFi issues in the start. Apple has claimed that 300,000 units of Ipad has already been sold. No doubt, Ipad is a good thing to have but issues like these will gonna drop the sales down. The news is authentic and has been confirmed by many Ipad users now. There are many users who have said that the signal strength of Wi-Fi is pretty good on my cellphone but its not working fine on Ipad. Apple  has posted a notification stating that “under certain conditions, iPad may not automatically rejoin a known Wi-Fi network after restart or waking from sleep” and they have also provided solution for this issue now.