Google’s Tablet PC

Ipad has been launched by Apple Inc and is selling like hot cakes. While cut throat competition already exists between Apple and Google on Cellphone, Google has decided to launched its tablet PC on which Android will be run. Now how Google can grab the share of Ipad users is still a question mark because Iphone is something wholly owned by Apple from its hardware to software. While Google develops every hardware in collaboration with HTC.  One thing which Google has to keep in mind that there are some companies which are offering Andriod powered Tablet PCs. But Google is also a very smart marketer like Apple. The rumors are wandering on blogs and people have already named Google’s tablet PC as “Ipad Killer”. The demo of Ipad killer is available on YouTube.

Opera is finally on Iphone

Opera is one of the best browsers available for mobile web surfing. The good thing about this browser that you can even surf the internet on Blackberry even if you are not using Blackberry services. I have used Opera on Symbian and its not just fast but its very user friendly. Now Opera is available on Iphone also. After a long review by Apply Inc, they have decided to distribute Opera on Iphone. Opera has promised that it will give six times faster downloading than Iphone’s own web browser.  Now guess what could be the reaction of Iphone users? Looks like they were waiting for Opera to come. Yahoo news has reported 1 million downloads of Opera on Day 1 which is a big figure.

Ipad- Unveiled

If you are still one of those guys who don’t know what Ipad this, you must read post. Ipad is the latest innovation by Apply Inc. and believe me its again very exciting like any other Apply product. I really think what would be the extreme of creativity but of course there is none. There is absolutely no end to creativity and innovation and Ipad is the latest example.  The new Tablet Ipad is less than 10 inches in height. Its sleek, smart and its the most sexiest thing I have ever seen. Now users can experience the web in a palm PC.  Other than surfing the web, Ipad also offers applications like mails, photos, Ipod, maps, contents and other accessibility applications; The world is on your finger tips now. Ipad is available now at $499 which seems to be a reasonable price.