Apple Vs Google – A latest episode of the battle

Apple and Google both are known as the best innovators in personal technology and the competition going between them is not just fiercest but also healthiest and consumer centric. They both have introduced so many good products as Harry McCracken of PC world said that it is most healthiest consumer oriented rivalry in the entire history of personal technology.

But the basis of this competition which is defining it is only between Iphone and Android. Both the companies are putting some great minds and resources in order to give the consumers better products.  See Iphone who has developed the most reliable operating system with great number of applications. On the other hand, Google with its most technically sound operating system with every thing open sourced. Three days ago, Google launched its latest HTC EVO 4G with some really power packed features which surely is the best smart phone available now. With two cameras, 8MP for photos and 1.3 MP for webcam is available on smartphone. New Android comes with LEAP feature which is a multitasking manager. Above all the most killing feature is 4G from which you can get higher speed downloads. The cellphone is currently available for 200$ with Sprint plan. The biggest drawback which Sprint will overcome is the unavailability of 4G everywhere so in most of the cities the users still have to rely on 3G networks.

With this smartphone, Android seems to be the winner of the battle in this episode. Iphone is also working on its latest 4G and its going to roll out soon. Lets see what Apple has to offer us now