Adobe and Microsoft having secret Meetings

Flash maker Adobe and Microsoft corporation have been apparently meeting together to discuss their partnership strategies; however, it is believed that they are building up strategies against Apple.

The New York Times have stated that CEO Ballmer from Microsoft and Narayen from Adobe have secretly met and have been discussing strategies related to Apple. As the Windows Phone 7 will be arriving soon into the market, Steve Jobs Apple’s CEO is taking a fierce filch at Flash for mobile phones; however, the other two leading companies indeed have a lot more to talk about.

Adobe’s corporate communications senior director Holly Campbell stated the New York Times that Microsoft and Adobe are sharing millions of consumers all around the globe and the CEO’s of both the companies keep on meeting each other from time to time. However, these private meetings cannot be publicly commented about their timings or even the topics.

Microsoft Corporation is investing heavily into its new venture related to the mobile phone industry with representing Windows Phone 7, and it will be working as a vital landmark for them as it is expected to grab a lot of the consumer market.

Even though it has faced too much of criticism, Flash us over the internet is still prevalent and is not supporting it ye as it becomes too expensive when it concerns the user. Windows Phone 7 is not supporting Flash yet; however, Ballmer stated that it might be supported and offered later.

Why Steve Jobs doesn’t like Flash?

We are already reading the news that Steve Jobs is not going to include Flash support in even Iphone 4G. Steve Jobs explained this in an open letter that why Flash player is wrong for mobile devices.

No Open Source:

Despite the fact that adobe products are widely available over the internet but they are not open sourced. They are controlled only and only by Adobe and that makes these products close ones.


Steve Jobs said that Flash is one the top reasons why Mac crashes and also he asked many times Adobe to demonstrate Flash player performing well in mobile devices but they never showed up.

Battery Life

For longer battery life while you are playing videos through your phone, the cellphone must decode the video into hardware and then encode through software which requires lots of battery. The decoder used in mobile devices is called H.264 for which Flash has recently added its support. So when the websites encode the videos through this H.264 which is an industry standard for playing videos on mobile devices, it plays all the videos perfectly on Iphone and Ipad.


Flash animations heavily rely on rollovers as it is the only way through which you can watch those animations and play them accordingly. But when you are using a touch screen devices, you cannot operate Flash websites without a mouse. So according to Steve Jobs, even if we add support for Flash, the code has to be rewritten because it was designed for mouse enables devices and not for touch screen devices.

The “Full web”

Adobe mentioned that Apple mobile devices cannot access to full web because most of the applications are being developed in Flash. But with the H.264 encoder, this problem has already been solved and all devices can have the same richer experience on web.

In the end, Steve Jobs mentioned that Flash belongs to the PC era which is going to diminish soon. This is a mobile era where we have touch screen devices and Flash is not the solution in this new era