Microsoft Office 2010 is all set for Release

MS Office 2010 has reached the RTM stage, which is the stage where the product is all set for release. This will mark the end of development for the most popular Microsoft Office software. After being released, the software will be distributed to the manufactures, which would be further followed by the retailers, businesses, and customers.

Generally, when a software reaches the RTM stage, and then it is fully geared up for mass distribution. The Microsoft’s manufacturing partners and other product makers will be getting the software initially, which would be followed by businesses and then it would be distributed to regular customers. The product downloads for the original and licensed products will start from April 27th, whereas the regular customers will see the Microsoft Office 2010 in the market by the start of June.

MS office 2010 had the largest beta tests, and this is the same approach, which Microsoft adopted before introducing Windows7 into the market. This is a tactic that seems to pay off for the technology gigantic.

The ‘ready to release’ stage is the final milestone while engineering the product before release, and according to Microsoft, the engineers have poured their soul and heart into it to reach the milestones. Microsoft is reemphasizing its sincere gratitude and appreciation to more than 5000 partners and organizations that have been working with them on the rapid development and testing method of the products.

Since November 2009, 7.5 million people till now have downloaded the beta version of Microsoft Office 2010, which is thrice more than the number of downloads being done for the beta version of Microsoft office 2007.

Gmail adds geographic security check

The option is already available on Facebook. Imagine you are living in USA and you login from your Gmail account at 1.00 PM; after an hour some hacker tries to login from some other location. Gmail offers an internet security protocol which checks for the suspicious activity.

An engineer who worked and executed this project said that we don’t have the ability to check the location from where the account has been accessed but what this protocol can do is if a person has login from one location and after few hours he or she has login from another location, Gmail security check will generate an alert.

Google Vs Microsoft Vs Apple – The greatest war of I.T

It is extremely difficult to snatch the wondering and inspiring extent of an epic war taking place between Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Billions of dollars, even the entire industry, is at stake, these are just the pieces on the board.

People consider Apple or Microsoft to be such companies that are decades old and now have established a strong and sound base, but, actually, it is Google. In almost 10 years, Google has become the most prominent and remarkable company over the Internet, spreading anything over the web, touching the astonishing speed, merely like a virus, it is about everything including; mobile phones, books, movies, web portals, operation systems, soft wares, videos and soon it would be your TVs. There are only few aspects, where Google is left behind, and soon it will overcome the remaining gaps.

Microsoft had another name “hegemony; that was back in the 1990s era. Microsoft was looking to capture the entire market; it simply stated that anywhere there was something related to computing Microsoft was there. However, now it is actually Apple hat has captured the music market, mostly by revolutionizing the mobile and cell phones. Apple is growing fast in the market, as now, this is about considering what people are more concerned with which is the mobile phones and the web.

Figuring out what is at stake?

For Apple, it is entirely about inventing closed information devices along with the third-party appliances and computers that everyone can use. Microsoft is most interested in continuing the computing stuff, which is mostly tied to the desktop. Moreover, Google has its entire road linked to the web; furthermore, the Internet is tantamount by way of Google.

Password Tattoo Keeping Hacker Away From Invading The Pacemakers

Some of the pacemakers are easily accessible for the purpose of reprogramming, however, the difficulty and danger in this is that this effortless permission to use can be mistreated maliciously. Confidential and reliable passwords will allow users to support such devices much safer from these kinds of interruptions and invasions, nevertheless, what could be the key to it, if the patient loses or forget them.

The answer to it is the Password tattoos.

This is because by tattooing the passwords onto the patients’ with a particular ink that could only been seen under the UV light. This will only permit the doctors to get the passwords in any emergency circumstances, and the patients would be having an additional safety protection layer protecting their medical instrument.

This concept has been floated, and researches are being made regarding the issue of handing the tattoo passwords, but this technology is particularly useful in protecting the medical instruments and tools.

Google’s Tablet PC

Ipad has been launched by Apple Inc and is selling like hot cakes. While cut throat competition already exists between Apple and Google on Cellphone, Google has decided to launched its tablet PC on which Android will be run. Now how Google can grab the share of Ipad users is still a question mark because Iphone is something wholly owned by Apple from its hardware to software. While Google develops every hardware in collaboration with HTC.  One thing which Google has to keep in mind that there are some companies which are offering Andriod powered Tablet PCs. But Google is also a very smart marketer like Apple. The rumors are wandering on blogs and people have already named Google’s tablet PC as “Ipad Killer”. The demo of Ipad killer is available on YouTube.

Gmail adds Drag & Drop facility to attach files

This is one of the feature which I was looking for. Gmail has added a new exciting feature to it and you don’t have to go to Gmail Labs to activate it as it is the default option. To attach the file, you do not have to click attach file, then browse for it and finally attach. Now you can do it in one simple step. Just drag and drop the file where Attach Files is written and you will notice that Gmail will prompt you whether to Drop these files to attach. You can drop the files and they will be attached. I must say its a very nice feature and Google has once again rocked in innovation. The option is compatible for Google Chrome and Firefox only as they are also working to make it compatible with other browsers as well

Opera is finally on Iphone

Opera is one of the best browsers available for mobile web surfing. The good thing about this browser that you can even surf the internet on Blackberry even if you are not using Blackberry services. I have used Opera on Symbian and its not just fast but its very user friendly. Now Opera is available on Iphone also. After a long review by Apply Inc, they have decided to distribute Opera on Iphone. Opera has promised that it will give six times faster downloading than Iphone’s own web browser.  Now guess what could be the reaction of Iphone users? Looks like they were waiting for Opera to come. Yahoo news has reported 1 million downloads of Opera on Day 1 which is a big figure.

IPad – Wi-Fi Problems

Looks like IPad is having some technical problems in the very start as the users are complaining about WiFi issues in the start. Apple has claimed that 300,000 units of Ipad has already been sold. No doubt, Ipad is a good thing to have but issues like these will gonna drop the sales down. The news is authentic and has been confirmed by many Ipad users now. There are many users who have said that the signal strength of Wi-Fi is pretty good on my cellphone but its not working fine on Ipad. Apple  has posted a notification stating that “under certain conditions, iPad may not automatically rejoin a known Wi-Fi network after restart or waking from sleep” and they have also provided solution for this issue now.

YouTube – Unlocking the Secrets of Success

There are so many websites which are following the same model and even the structure of the website but why YouTube is one of the top visited websites around the world. Lets find out.

First thing first, the unique business model behind YouTube. It allows the users to share videos following the Web 2.0 model. Initially it looked difficult that who will share the videos but now people want to share their videos. Different channels have made accounts so that their viewers can watch the shows online when they want to. In all this, What YouTube is offering ; An interface with excellent uploading and streaming speed for which there is no comparison. It happened with me several times that I am browsing through different videos and what I found was an Old video uploaded on YouTube which recalls my old memories.

With the advent of Web 2.0 and P2p network, the sharing has been a problem for copyrighted material. But YouTube knew that this is going to be a problem if we allow our users to simply upload anything and everything. So, YouTube has a strong mechanism of checking for any Video and even Audio whether it is a copyrighted material which has been uploaded or not.

With the concept of sharing videos, YouTube has made several successful artists and movie makers to promote their videos. This is one of the class who used to share their songs, videos on YouTube.

The concept of RELATED Videos is simple excellent. If you are watching comedy shows on YouTube most of the times, it will show related videos so you dont have to search for every single video. Almost 90% of the videos are watched in this fashion.

YouTube has celebrated its 5th Anniversary recently but the users and especially the circle of loyal users are growing. YouTube has added some technical features in its movie player. Lets see whats going to happen in 2010 for YouTube and what new it can bring to keep their users loyal.

Ipad- Unveiled

If you are still one of those guys who don’t know what Ipad this, you must read post. Ipad is the latest innovation by Apply Inc. and believe me its again very exciting like any other Apply product. I really think what would be the extreme of creativity but of course there is none. There is absolutely no end to creativity and innovation and Ipad is the latest example.  The new Tablet Ipad is less than 10 inches in height. Its sleek, smart and its the most sexiest thing I have ever seen. Now users can experience the web in a palm PC.  Other than surfing the web, Ipad also offers applications like mails, photos, Ipod, maps, contents and other accessibility applications; The world is on your finger tips now. Ipad is available now at $499 which seems to be a reasonable price.