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Google has always tried to come up with innovative products. I am sure most of you are already using Google Web store on Chrome. I must say, a very smart move from Google to retain traffic on their browser all the time.  Like any other Google product, Chrome web store is addictive and it will be one of the things you will be using in future.

Now coming to the experience which you get on Webstore. If you dont have a smartphone, you really dont have worry about it. Just install Google Chrome for free and enjoy the apps which you always want. It has a good collection of android apps which we are always looking for. Now you can envy your smartphone friends that ” Look, I am also playing Angry birds without a smartphone”

Now some of the cons which I have observed in this store. Some apps are not working and they crash due to some reason. I think they really need to work on it because apps doesnt look 100% tested and quality assured.  I have experienced this in some weather and financial apps. Other apps sometimes are unable to install and some doesnt work at all after installing. so I guess, the idea is great but there are some flaws in the apps. But as a start, you can install all the famous apps which are fully functional.

125 Years of Coca Cola

Coca Cola is anticipated to celebrate its 125 anniversary all across the region. It originated back in year 1886, in Atlanta, Georgia on May 8 at a soda fountain. It has been considered as an iconic brand and it has been a catalyst for inspired innovation and social interaction.

John Pemberton, an American dispensing chemist actually invented the recipe for Coca-Cola. After it was originated, the carbonated drink was only utilized for medical reasons but within a time priod of around 125 years, the soft drink have grown into a billion dollar entity and there is simply no place in the world at all that does not have Coca-Cola vending machine.

Phil Mooney, director Coca-Cola states that the brand happens to be the second most recognized word in the world after the term OK.


Are We Obsessed with Facebook?

Facebook is more like belly buttons; each and every individual has got one.

In case there are some exceptions, people consider them weird!

It may seem to be some kind of an exaggeration or amplification to you, but according to the figures, WE (the Internet Users worldwide) are being more and more obsessed and infatuated with Facebook with each and every passing day.

There are some extremely interesting stats according to which out of every thirteen earthlings, three out of four Americans are on Facebook and one out of twenty-six login their Facebook on a regular basis.

OnlineSchools.org and SocialHype have conducted this particular research; Ishtihari is having the pleasure of integrating it here for all its readers!

Following is a precise visual illustration with some of the highlights associated to Facebook usage, adoption numbers, 2010 trends, and a lot more.

Check out the information mentioned below and let Ishtihari know in the remarks about what do you really think about our worldwide fascination and appeal with Facebook. Is Facebook an incredible and useful connective medium? Is it a plague or disease that preys on the by far addicted? Merely, a little bit of both or entirely something else?




Why WordPress is a Popular Blog Choice?

The more you will get use to WordPress, the more you will start loving it. The reason behind is that it has various significant features that are not yet supported by Blogger.

First and foremost, with WordPress you can automatically set up the ping feature and you can ping all the blog and RSS feed directories each and every time you are going to make a post. This happens to be an extremely powerful and robust feature in case you are considering generating a lot of traffic from your blog instantly. Furthermore, you will be able to quickly develop back links to your blog or website and that too automatically. Just think about how long it takes to build a website, make the search engine indexing, getting back links and start generating traffic. On the other hand, a blog like WordPress can do all this automatically.

Secondly, WordPress enables you to make use of different Categories. These categories are an exceptionally robust feature to improve and enhance the structure of your web portal for both the search engines along with human visitors. For instance, if you are focusing on Widgets, you can create different Categories such as green widgets, orange widgets, black widgets and a lot more. Therefore, when you would be adding a blog post, you can choose the particular category that your post actually belongs to. This feature is not available with Blogger so it makes WordPress superior in this regard.

Categories happen to be extremely search engine friendly. When you categorize your blog or website, you will be getting a single link for each of them. This would be truly helpful in increasing your rankings with the search engines.

Another significant feature is the RSS feed that can be created for every single category. Each and every time when you are going to post content to your blog, it is going to ping the RSS/Blog directories for every single feed.

It is truly amazing and remarkable how easy blogging has become with well structured and simple with WordPress which provides a handy and incredible blogging experience.


PayPal VS Google – Legal Claim Filed Against Mobile Wallet Technology

PayPal is anticipated to take legal action against the Internet giant Google and according to this; it claims that Google has stolen their revolutionary technology for spinning the Android smart phones into digital wallets. The claim further states that Osama Bedier, who was a former PayPal executive, acquired all the trade secrets for Google as now he is working as vice president of Google for payments.

The charge derived hours after Google revealed its plans to enable populaces to pay for their shopping via their mobile phones.

Google states that as yet there has been no complaints. Google’s Spokesperson stated that we have not received a copy of complaint and until we have not reviewed it, we will not be able to comment on it. Google is planning to release its mobile wallet technology in summers in the USA.

It is intending to offer the service on the smart phones that would be supported by its Android operating system.

PayPal – A complete payment processor is basically owned by eBay which is an online auction site and it also claimed in its complaint that Mr Bedier has been into an employment discussion with Google at the same time when he was actually leading sessions to make PayPal as one of the payment options on the Android OS.

The technology that enables the mobile phone consumers to pay off via their phones in shops is named as NFC or near field communications. This technology is already being utilized in Japan and is considered to become popular and commonly used everywhere around the globe.

PayPal has stated that it spent around three years to come up with a secure and reliable deal under that it would be making an NFC system for the Android Operating system particularly for smart phones and gadgets, just for Google to end the arguments.

It its court filing, PayPal said that by hiring Mr Bedier, with all his trade secrets and PayPal plans along with understanding the weaknesses of Google as viewed by the industry leader, Google opted for one of the most sophisticated and comprehensive assessment of its own problems that is presently available.

Google of its entire mobile payment business put Bedier in charge, which was useful in virtually guaranteeing that he is going to embezzle PayPal’s trade secrets especially would regarding planning and competitive assessments in the mobile payment technology. Google appointed Bedier in January of this year.



Royal Wedding: Kate and William Marriage Live on YouTube

The most awaited event – The Royal Weeding is going to be broadcasted live via YouTube when both Prince William and Kate Middleton insisted to make their wedding ceremony as world’s most interactive public event.

The St James’s Palace will also be making use of Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter to host the dedicated social network giving the public with continuous chances, updates also enabling feedback.

Both Miss Kate Middleton & Prince William are regular users of YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook and have played an imperative role overseeing plans for the online broadcast of the entire ceremony on April 29th year 2011.

Being the Internet Giant, Google has developed a live blog which will be synchronizing with the live footage, which will enable the viewers to click on the links that would be providing them with additional information on some of the vital moments of the wedding as they happen.

St James’s Palace spokesperson stated that we want people to easily interact with the Royal Wedding as they watch it.

Catherine Middleton & Prince William are just like any other people with respect to their age when it comes to social media. They both are YouTube and Facebook users and always had an intention that their wedding should be accessible to each and every individual.

The couple was being asked if they intend to change their relationship status on Facebook after the wedding, the spokesperson asked to ‘ Wait & See’.

The wedding Coverage on the Royal Channel, which is to be hosted by YouTube, will begin at 10am, an hour before the ceremony, and end at 2pm, after the couple have appeared on the balcony at Buckingham Palace.

The live blog will include a text commentary by staff at Clarence House and St James’s Palace, as well as links to background information and additional photographs.

It has been stated that this is going to be the first ever live blog that has run alongside a live stream on YouTube for any particular occasion. On the other hand, an official video named as ‘Wedding Book’ has lately being launched on YouTube that is inviting all the well-wishers to post their personal video messages of congratulations and Best Wishes to the couple.

Facebook is also going to launch an application via which users will be able to describe how they are preparing for the big event & how they are and will celebrate it.


Ishtihari congratulates the Royal Couple – Prince William & Miss Middleton 🙂



20 Creative Billboards

Following are some of the 20 most Creative Billboards according to me. Enjoy watching them and Have Fun! 🙂
  1. Penline
  2. Adidas
  3. Rentokil
  4. The Zimbawean
  5. iPod
  6. Martor Solingen Razor
  7. Creepy Unknown Billboard
  8. Kenjo Flower
  9. Mammoth Mountain
  10. Mumbai Traffic Awareness
  11. Ariel
  12. Berger Paint
  13. Pacific Airlines
  14. BMW
  15. OfficeMax
  16. Eskom
  17. Fedex
  18. Formula Toothpaste
  19. Hutch MSN Search
  20. Axe

Tweets – They are Public Property!

You need to be extremely careful while you are entering your next Tweet as the remarks do not remain your personal property; although they are coming from your personal account. As soon as you Tweet, it becomes a public property right away; it is just that simple. In actual, a British Women did not realized it and she considered her Twitter account as her personal one. Later, some of her Tweets were picked and then utilized by some newspapers.

Thus, she considered it to be a violation of her privacy and filed a case with the Press Complaints Commission. During that, she was being explained that the tweets she placed became a public property as soon as they are placed in the public domain and for this reason, they do not belong to her any more. Talking about other  social medium,  most commonly used Facebook, the comments,  posts you place are also  also public property!

All We have to do is to Wait & Watch!

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Wave of Popularity – Twitter’s CEO

Without doubts, we all happen to appraise our professional relationships. Nevertheless, our opinions and ideas tent to remain with us only. The web portal Cubeduel is considering changing this particular state of affairs, it has been launched lately, and this runs while you connect to your LinkedIn account. For this company, it did not take much long to reveal a standing one of the most popular CEOs in Silicon Valley. Conceivably, it is an effort to raise its own profile to some extent..

Based on approximately 1.2 million votes that have been registered by the company’s workforce such as Google, LinkedIn and even Microsoft, the professionals working at Cubeduel were able to determine that Dick Costolo was one of the most bosses in the Silicon Valley. Dick Costolo even replaced Evan Williams as head of Twitter last October.

This is something not bad at all for someone who does not even had an honor of having a single page Wikipedia by his name!

All We have to do is to Wait & Watch!

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