Should we buy iPad 2?

image1859093862.jpgBy now you’ve had time to digest the specification, examine the redesign and consider the alternatives, meaning you’ve probably come to a conclusion. So tell us, are you going to buy an iPad 2?

Rather than a simple yes or no, the more interesting part of a question like this is: are you upgrading from an original iPad, or is this your first entry into the world of the Apple tablet?

Although it’s still a week or so before the first reviews start to appear, most will understand the benefits of a dual-core processor and (reportedly) a touch more RAM. Personally, I don’t think a couple of video-calling cameras are a big enough draw to convince many to upgrade from an iPad, but that extra speed could be.

To really help push the abilities of the dual-core A5, we really need to see a very good example of a game making use of it. Recently, a video of RIM’s PlayBook appeared playing Need for Speed, and it looked great – Apple need to push someone like EA to do the same for the iPad 2, and soon.
Its time for Apple to give something extra at thia stage because processing speed have become a part of core product now.

You can run away, but you cannot hide from the BRANDS!

No matter wherever we go, wherever we look, we have ads placed all around along with hoardings!  Some of the brands you may find familiar but some of them are new. While you switch on the Television, you will see a large number of ads and certainly, there is simply no escape from it. We can simply name it that our lives have been practically filled with a variety of brands. We have been so much into brands that sometimes we are able to identify the products because of the brands. Welcome yourself to the world of Advertising!!

Advertising is an extremely old concept. It is all about making identities, brands and selling out the products during different periods. As television came up, the advertising’s impact grew more on our lives. Advertisements create images about the products in our minds, it can be beautiful, and it can be creating a need for the particular product. It does not matter if we need it or we are just ending up buying it anyways.

With the advent of technology, we are experiencing the magical world of advertising. Everything, even our live styles have become extremely predictable in every manner. This has been exceptionally helpful in taking advantage of creating different sort of needs and wants in the Business market. The clothes we wear, the car we drive, and the particular kinds of shoes we want. Unintentionally, we end up buying such good and services that have been repeated in most of the ads.

It is extremely funny when we happen to think about it, every time when we go to a super store to just buy a toothbrush; we end up with 20 more items in hand. This is because; we have too many brands and options available. The advertisers may have a lot many times created the brands’ images, putting them in our minds and creating a need for them. They are always looking out for insecurities and then creating demands. Most of the times, we may have been plunged away by the gorgeous and glamorous models who are endorsing the different brands and the miracles they perform in our lives. However, may be deep inside we know that different items are not going to work in the practical world, nevertheless, we still get ourselves get carried away.

20 Creative and Funny Advertisements!

We all know that selling products is certainly an art and it requires having creative advertisements, as this is going to be memorized by all t hose people who are coming across. The most memorable ones are those which are most creative. Some advertisements have jingles that do not make you forget them and every time you see them, you just start humming. Some of the advertisements are such a drab that when you happen to see them you simply start cursing the brand as they have come up with such thing. However, this is a technique that makes you remember the ads and the products.

Following are some of the 20 most Creative and Funny Ads on print media according to me. Enjoy watching the print ads below and and Have Fun!

  1. Pepsi with a twist of Lemon
  2. Bad Food Bad Dog
  3. Martial Arts School
  4. Bose noise reduction headphones
  5. The Nikon S60 – Detects up to 12 faces
  6. World No Tobacco Day
  7. Sony Vaio – Lightweight like no other
  8. Office Products
  9. Timotei Styling Mousse
  10. Spicy Pringles
  11. Burger King
  12. Recycling Robot
  13. Gilette Ambient
  14. Soho High Heels
  15. Volkswagen Jetta
  16. MTV Satellite
  17. Glassex for Magicians
  18. Macdonald’s Milk Shake
  19. Kit-Kat
  20. Softlan

Gadgets to look out for in Year 2011

2010, the year that that was dedicated to numerous memorable Gadgets if it was HTC EVO 4G, ipad, or iphone 4. The application of the year was considered Android 2.2. Now, the year has almost ended. People are wondering that what is going to be coming in year 2011 that would be superior to year 2010.

Year 2011 is just going to be another awesome and amazing year for a large number of upcoming gadgets. Some of them are as under;

  1. BlackBerry Playbook: RIM has entered the world of tablets. The gadget has been announced lately and they have proved it that Adobe’s Flash is running on their gadgets. The exact date for the launch of BlackBerry Playbook hasn’t been announced; however, the product is excepted somewhere in the early 2011.
  2. Verizon’s LTE phones: none of the products has been yet announced. However, the Big Red is soon expected to roll out its 4G LTE services in more than 30 cities of the United States by the end of the coming year. Up till now, no such kind of mobile gadget has been announced that is going to support this new network.
  3. Mintpass’ Tablet: this is a dual booting device with dual screen that is helpful in running both Windows® 7 and Android. Both the screens can be folded out or folded in, making it work a cross between a laptop and a tablet. Moreover, the screens can be used separately or in unison. The gadget is expected to launch in the coming year, the company is still in search of a manufacturer.
  4. 2011 Nissan LEAF: This grand and ruthless five-door hatchback car is supported by electricity and can run up to 100 miles on a single charge. It is worth $32,000 along with a large bunch of tax benefits. The vehicle is extremely cost efficient and effective as it will be reducing $3 to recharge the battery.
  5. The PlayStation Phone: this is the device that only exists in rumors and leaked photographs. The manufacturer is said to be Sony Ericsson with a codename Zeus that is apparently a part of Android Gingerbread powered Smartphone and PSP.
  6. Nintendo’s 3DS: This portable gaming gadget would be producing 3D images and you would not require glasses for it. The gadget is to be released in North America by the month of March in year 2011.
  7. 2011 Chevrolet Volt: this is Chevy’s Hybrid electric vehicle which will be launched in year 2011 in some selected markets and then it would be released nationwide and also in Canada within the period of a year or 18 months.
  8. 3D Sony VAIO: Sony’s has entered the world of the 3D laptops. Much information is not available about the gadget expect few photos and purported specifications.
  9. Apple’s iPhone 5: it is extraordinarily enough is not the most probable iPhone of year 2010. The anticipated gadget was the iPad. The details are yet to come in; however, some indicate that the upcoming gadget is somewhat different from the iPhone 4 specs. It is said to have a different design as compared to any of the iPhones that are currently available in the markets.
  10. The Verizon iPhone: one of the most anticipated gadgets of year 2010 and it is considered to be released in the earlier 2011.

There are numerous other gadgets are can still make up on the list such as OLED, 3D & HD Television, electronic stuffs and various others. You are just required to keep your fingers cross, wait and watch! Get excited for all the amazing and outstanding gadgets that are making their way in the coming year.

Google Wave may well mount from the Dead as Apache Project

Does any one of you remember the proposition for Apache which was to restart the Google Wave? Apache has recently accredited Google’s proffer to take the gearstick on the Google Wave venture. Publicly, the Google Wave project was launched in 2009. However, the progress was abducted in August and the Google open sourced later in the month of September.

Wave is actually numerous digital conversations that can be extended to various electronic modes of communication that mainly includes; document sharing, chat and e-mail. As most of the Wave’s components relied on open sourced components or were based on open source, very few of the Google developers that are behind the Google Wave project could carry on the work on the technology. They are currently working on a package that is known as WAIB or Wave In A Box that is going to work out as server software, storing and hosting waves.

Apache has now accepted the offer by Google and now it is making few modifications. a Goggler; Alex North stated that the infrastructure of the Google Wave project is spun so that growth can escalate in the Apache way. He further stated that contributors are more than welcomed to join this particular project.

We all are now waiting to see how the Wave progress as an Apache Project. If you have any idea about it, please do like sharing it!

Google Book Store- Coming Soon!!

The Google Book store is expected to be launched in the end of year 2010. Google stated more about the plan and it is actually planning to sell all the downloadable electronic books that are known as Google Editions to any gadget that supports browsing.

The sales model of Google Edition is particularly different from its competitor which mainly include; Apple’s iBookStore, or Amazon’s Kindle store.

Google will enable its users to conveniently buy the books from different independent shops, or directly from Google and then linking it to your Google account. This is going to allow the users to read the books with convenience no matter wherever they are on any gadget instead of purchasing it.

This project of Google Book store was projected to be launched in early 2010. Nevertheless, Google’s Manager for Strategic Partner Development, Chris Palma stated that the launched in expected in the month of June or July of year 2010. Currently, the Google Books enable its consumers to buy books from the online retailers; however, the Google Editions would be coming straight away from Google’s own store. Around 400,000 to 600,000 books would be available from numerous publishers.

Sony being a partner will enable users to download and print more than 1 million public domain books. All these books are available in open ePub format. On the other hand, Google Editions is not available in epub as the consideration is to convert the conventional browsers to eReaders. For this reason, Google Gear is required which is also available when offline.

Google states that everything is in place for the launch, which is to be made by the end of year 2010 in the United States, and it would be launched internationally during the first quarter of year 2011.

8million dollars baby – iPhone4!!

A British jeweler named Stuart Hughes is very well known for his expensive restructuring of the most popular and famous gadgets. And, here it is again, this time, it is about diamond-clad I phone 4. It has a price tagged with it of around 5 million pounds which is nearly 8 million dollars.

This handmade bezel is containing around 500 individual unblemished diamonds that are total over 100ct; 53 additional diamonds are there in the back, the navigation button designed is made up of platinum which holds a solitary cut 7.4ct crimson diamond.

If you have much idea about diamonds then this certainly means something great to you and also to everyone else, it simply sound extremely expensive and posh.

You need to be aware of the fact that there would be only two or three that will ever be made, so do not worry if you are considering buying it, there are  no chances that someone else bumps into having the same phone which you are holding in your hand.

Adobe and Microsoft having secret Meetings

Flash maker Adobe and Microsoft corporation have been apparently meeting together to discuss their partnership strategies; however, it is believed that they are building up strategies against Apple.

The New York Times have stated that CEO Ballmer from Microsoft and Narayen from Adobe have secretly met and have been discussing strategies related to Apple. As the Windows Phone 7 will be arriving soon into the market, Steve Jobs Apple’s CEO is taking a fierce filch at Flash for mobile phones; however, the other two leading companies indeed have a lot more to talk about.

Adobe’s corporate communications senior director Holly Campbell stated the New York Times that Microsoft and Adobe are sharing millions of consumers all around the globe and the CEO’s of both the companies keep on meeting each other from time to time. However, these private meetings cannot be publicly commented about their timings or even the topics.

Microsoft Corporation is investing heavily into its new venture related to the mobile phone industry with representing Windows Phone 7, and it will be working as a vital landmark for them as it is expected to grab a lot of the consumer market.

Even though it has faced too much of criticism, Flash us over the internet is still prevalent and is not supporting it ye as it becomes too expensive when it concerns the user. Windows Phone 7 is not supporting Flash yet; however, Ballmer stated that it might be supported and offered later.

Windows® 7 Family Pack is to be released in UK

Microsoft Corporation is ready to release its Windows® 7 Family Pack in the United Kingdom by October 22nd which will be allowed up to three computers in a household to improve to the significantly commended operating system by Windows.

Windows® 7 Family Pack has been on sale in US and has been for a sale under $150 and United Kingdom pricing is to be confirmed yet.

Ashley Brown, Representative to Microsoft Corporation stated that for all those people who are living outside US would be able to get the Windows® 7 Family Pack after October 22. He further stated that Windows® 7 has been designed with the Home networking features. Windows® 7 Home Premium has HomeGroup feature in it that is useful in sharing files, music, and photos between all the PCs that are integrated into your home-based network. It can be extremely handy if all the PCs at your home are sharing a single printing device.

Windows® 7 Family Pack is only available to such users who have upgraded their older systems from Windows® XP or Windows® Vista so that they can get the most recent operating system.

Windows® 7 has been a great hit for Microsoft and it is doing its best to make it more useful, functional, and practical for its users.

Most popular apps on Smartphones

Lets study the behavior of smartphone users this time.

Games are still considered the most popular category both in smartphones and feature phones followed by weather forecast and maps. A huge difference can be seen while comparing the numbers of  weather in smartphones vs feature phones.

Now lets examine the most popular apps used by these smartphone users where Facebook is the leading one followed by weather channel. People are still very much addicted to Facebook especially when it comes to updating statuses, sharing pictures and videos and commenting on different friend’s posts.

The scenario would be different in Pakistan but in USA market, people find it easy to search for different apps from authentic stores. One of the reason might be the trust factor on these apps store as these would be free from viruses and spywares. However, in Pakistan users are willing to take risk on websites other than official apps store as they can easily find the crack versions there.