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Is it that your princess has made her initial step towards standing? I totally agree to the fact that it is the most wonderful and magnificent sight to witness your little one stand holding onto an object as she clouts the floor with her little tiny feet. She would be attracting you with her own […]

Ramadan Kareem – As I See It

Posted: 4th August 2011 by Sarah Aslam in Advertising
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We Muslims are celebrating the month of blessings which is called as Ramadan. I would just like to give a brief review about how it is and what it means to me. The month of Ramadan is meant to train Muslims to strenghthen their Iman by QURAN, control nafs (Self/ Desires) , develop feelings of […]

What is It? Is it a kind of marketing that involves Guerrillas ?? This is going to be the reaction of most of those people who are coming across this term for the very first time. Before showing the amazing and creative examples, I would like to clear out what Guerrilla marketing actually is. The […]

Google Plus Vs Facebook

Posted: 10th July 2011 by Arsalan Ali Baig in Advertising, Technology
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I know everyone is excited about using Google+ and most of us are dying to use it. Certainly when Google launches something, it has many things which you really never thought of.  I was reading different reviews about Google + and I agree to one of the comments that Google + is just like facebook […]

Women of tomorrow

Posted: 5th July 2011 by Arsalan Ali Baig in Advertising, Marketing

Women control the majority of purchasing decisions in a household and their influence is growing. Women across the world are expanding beyond traditional roles to influence decisions in the home, in business and in politics. Marketers have a massive opportunity to better connect women with the products they buy and the media technologies they use […]

A picture that has been leaked, asserting to be Google’s next Nexus Smartphone, has actually surfaced, showcasing a design that is lacking behind the recognizable Android buttons. The sources state that apparently Google’s employee from the Android development team, for now Google is considering both LG and HTC manufacturing this particular Nexus 3. Whatever they […]

Anti- Smoking or Non-Smoking ads gain too much of popularity. In case you have been trying to quit smoking and failed, you should be taking comfort in realizing the fact that mostly smokers fail various times before their quest for quitting smoking becomes successful. The images given below would be helpful in insuring and easing […]

     You will be provided with the fundamentals related to the Social Networking. This video primarily focuses on the role of Social Media Networking in your day-to-day life. it includes: People related to different networks via their personal life and business Networks in the real world – the hidden nature of those networks How […]

Following are some of the 20 most Creative Billboards according to me. Enjoy watching them and Have Fun! Penline Adidas Rentokil The Zimbawean iPod Martor Solingen Razor Creepy Unknown Billboard Kenjo Flower Mammoth Mountain Mumbai Traffic Awareness Ariel Berger Paint Pacific Airlines BMW OfficeMax Eskom Fedex Formula Toothpaste Hutch MSN Search Axe