Google Plus Vs Facebook

I know everyone is excited about using Google+ and most of us are dying to use it. Certainly when Google launches something, it has many things which you really never thought of.  I was reading different reviews about Google + and I agree to one of the comments that Google + is just like facebook with no friends

Some of the Pros : More or less, the interface is the same except Google’s traditional White background everywhere.  You will see the interface is very user-friendly and doesnt look like a clutter ( which new users experience when they start using Facebook). The most killer feature of Google+ is Hangout which is video conferencing feature with atmost 10 people at one time. I havent tried this feature yet but thats what it says.  Other than that, terminologies are different like Friends are called ‘Circles’ and the categorization is very easy as you just need to drag and drop friends in a group. Sparks is a decent feature where you can tag the keywords to followup with the latest happenings and news.

Now comes to the Cons – First of all, No Wall, No message inbox and I am still figuring out how to do it.  The interface is friendly yet very basic indeed. I am sure Google must be working on this as well because there is alot to done in terms of adding things.

Recommendations to Google : Add and integrate Google other products where user can check email while working on Google Plus. There are no gadgets at all so its more like Twitter’s upgraded version with some additional and flashy features. Google can do a lot better than this because in order to increase the stay time on Google plus, they need to do something other than people just come and updating their statuses on a new website. Google’s webstore is a very good option which should be integrated in Google Plus where people can play games, add other apps to their Google interface just like we have high level of customization on Android. Google has beaten Iphone who has ruled the world for many years and I am sure, Facebook is just another piece of cake if they do well.

All the best to Google!

Women of tomorrow

Women control the majority of purchasing decisions in a household and their influence is growing. Women across the world are expanding beyond traditional roles to influence decisions in the home, in business and in politics. Marketers have a massive opportunity to better connect women with the products they buy and the media technologies they use to make a positive impact both in their lives and in the bottom line. So what traditional and new media influencers are most successful in driving women’s purchase decisions? Do women in developed countries think and act differently than women in emerging countries? What concerns do women have now and what do they expect for future generations? Do traditional roles still exist or do men and women share responsibilities equally? Importantly, how can marketers not only reach women more effectively, but how can they create messaging that better speaks to the sentiments and emotions that drive and empower women? To answer these questions, Nielsen surveyed women across generations and from all corners of both developed and emerging economies. Reaching out to 21 countries representing 60 percent of the world’s population and 78 percent of GDP, this study provides insight into how current and future generations of female consumers shop and use media differently.

The findings are both enlightening and surprising. One universal truth prevails: women everywhere believe their roles are changing and they are changing for the better.

The highlights of this study are :

1- 90% of women believe their role is changing for the better.

2- A vast horizon of opportunities, but a plateau of hope in developed economies.

3- Increasingly empowered, increasingly stressed.

4- When it comes to life’s decisions, women want to share responsibility.

5- Across generations women are alike in many ways, but they are also unique.

6- Social media has become an indispensable tool.

7- Only 10% of women are highly influenced by web ads with social context.

8- She trusts those she knows.

9-TV is the preferred source to get information about new products and services.

10- Across 95% of countries, quality is the #1 driver of brand loyalty.

The complete paper is available on Nielsen Wire

Experience Smartphone Apps on your browser

Google has always tried to come up with innovative products. I am sure most of you are already using Google Web store on Chrome. I must say, a very smart move from Google to retain traffic on their browser all the time.  Like any other Google product, Chrome web store is addictive and it will be one of the things you will be using in future.

Now coming to the experience which you get on Webstore. If you dont have a smartphone, you really dont have worry about it. Just install Google Chrome for free and enjoy the apps which you always want. It has a good collection of android apps which we are always looking for. Now you can envy your smartphone friends that ” Look, I am also playing Angry birds without a smartphone”

Now some of the cons which I have observed in this store. Some apps are not working and they crash due to some reason. I think they really need to work on it because apps doesnt look 100% tested and quality assured.  I have experienced this in some weather and financial apps. Other apps sometimes are unable to install and some doesnt work at all after installing. so I guess, the idea is great but there are some flaws in the apps. But as a start, you can install all the famous apps which are fully functional.

Apple has become bigger than Microsoft


Apple is known for its finest, innovative and consumer centric products while Microsoft is popular for its mass market products.  The goal for both companies is simple; both want to make money but with different approaches. When you will see a product from Apple you will notice that the creators have put heart into it and that is how they have managed to make the finest software without bugs. On the other hand, Microsoft products are even buggy even after their release.

Looks like the trend is changing in 2011, with the latest Fortune 500 report, Apple has managed to cross Microsoft in terms of their profits and revenues in Q1, 2011. I am pasting the summary reports and their rank for the comparison. See for yourself!

Although, the all time revenues and profits of Microsoft are higher than Apple, but the trend in Q1 shows consumer preference for quality and innovation in the software industry.

Blackberry’s Tablet is here

Blackberry is also in the race of Tablet market now with its new release called Playbook.  The specs of Playbook are :

  • OS: QNX, BlackBerry Tablet OS with with symmetric multiprocessing
  • Processor: 1GHz dual core Texas Instruments OMAP4430
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Storage: 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB internal
  • Display: 7-inch WSVGA, 1024×600
  • Battery: Lithium-ion 5400 mAh
  • Ports: Micro USB, Micro HDMI, 3.5mm headset
  • Weight: 14.4 ounces (425 grams)
  • Dimensions: 7.6(h) x 5.1(w) x 0.4(d) inches
  • Camera: 5MP rear-facing, 3MP front-facing
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, GPS, digital compass, 6-axis gyroscope
  • Keyboard: Virtual QWERTY
  • Networks: LTE, WiMAX, and HSPA+ models later in 2011
  • Wireless: Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n; Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
  • Tethering: Only to a BlackBerry smartphone

If you are already a Tablet user, I guess PlayBook is not going to inspire you much. The distinguishing feature in PlayBook is its fast browsing and simple yet innovative interface. If you are a hardcore Blackberry Fan, then this is some for you. Another great feature of PlayBook is its Swipe up and Swipe down.

Now coming to the major drawback, like majority of Blackberries, PlayBook has less number of apps where Apple and Android are already dominating the market. Another drawback is that it does not come with native email and calander which RIM says that they will add it later this year.

In a nutshell, PlayBook is for two types of people. One who are hardcore Blackberry loyalists and second who wants to experience ultimate web browsing and use it for business features like video videoconferencing etc as it is an excellent solution for enterprise

Should we buy iPad 2?

image1859093862.jpgBy now you’ve had time to digest the specification, examine the redesign and consider the alternatives, meaning you’ve probably come to a conclusion. So tell us, are you going to buy an iPad 2?

Rather than a simple yes or no, the more interesting part of a question like this is: are you upgrading from an original iPad, or is this your first entry into the world of the Apple tablet?

Although it’s still a week or so before the first reviews start to appear, most will understand the benefits of a dual-core processor and (reportedly) a touch more RAM. Personally, I don’t think a couple of video-calling cameras are a big enough draw to convince many to upgrade from an iPad, but that extra speed could be.

To really help push the abilities of the dual-core A5, we really need to see a very good example of a game making use of it. Recently, a video of RIM’s PlayBook appeared playing Need for Speed, and it looked great – Apple need to push someone like EA to do the same for the iPad 2, and soon.
Its time for Apple to give something extra at thia stage because processing speed have become a part of core product now.

Who is the winner in smart phone world?

The answer depends on whether you’re looking at operating systems or manufacturers.The battle for the hearts and minds of consumer smartphone owners continues to be a heated one according to data just released by The Nielsen Company. When it comes to consumer marketshare by operating system, Android (29%) appears to be pulling ahead of RIM Blackberry (27%) and Apple iOS (27%). But an analysis by manufacturer shows RIM and Apple to be the winners compared to other device makers since they are the only ones creating and selling smartphones with their respective operating systems.HTC follows with 12 percent of consumer smartphone owners having an HTC Android device and 7 percent owning an HTC device running a Microsoft OS. Ten percent of consumer smartphone owners had a Motorola Android device and one percent owned a Motorola device running a Microsoft OS.

All We have to do is to Wait & Watch!

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Microsoft has stolen Google’s ranking system

Google has accused Microsoft of stealing search results. Google set up an operation to see by searching some random non sense keyword. When compared the results of both, they were exactly the same. The search results were empty but wheb Google assigned results to it, they could also be seen in bing.

In the begining, bing denied all of this but then Harry Shum from bing admitted that they have used Google’s algorithm to rank their results.
Many Google employees are saying that this is an unethical move by Microsoft. Although, industry experts are still confused whether the company can own search results or not. But still we cannot deny the fact that stealing the ranking system is totally illegal.

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‘The Social Network’ won the Best Movie of the Year

Though this is not a technology news but this is something related to the movie which is made on one of the biggest websites called facebook. The Social Network has won most of the Golden Globes awards in the recent ceremony. The movie is based on the life of Mark Zuckerberg. David Fincher, the director of this movie has always experimented with new concepts and movies. Fight Club, Curious Case of Benjamin Button and now Social Network are one of his top notch works.

As the movie based on Facebook has won the best movie of the year so we can see how many techy fans we have who also watch movies. Moreover, Facebook has become such an integral part of our lives that it is everywhere now. There are many other social networks as well but Mark Zuckerberg has always tried to give the audience something enagaging to keep the traffic consistent.

So what would be the next for “The Social Network”….Probably Oscars…Lets wait and See 🙂