Apple has been able to sell more than 2.1 million iPhone 5 devices in China within the first 3 days of its launch. Tim Cook, CEO Apple states that it has been the best first weekend sales ever in China.

Apparently, China got in love with the iPhone 5.

Apple released the iPhone 5 in China on December 14, 2012, and was able to sell more than 2.1 million phones just within the first 3 days.

Tim Cook mentioned in a statement that the customer’s response towards iPhone 5 in the Chinese region has been unbelievable, which has set new records with the bestest first weekend sale even in China. For Apple, China is an extremely imperative market and customers there simply cannot wait to get their hands on the Apple gadgets.

By the end of December 2012, the iPhone 5 has been made available in 100 different countries. Apple marks it as the fastest and greatest iPhone roll-out to date.

The iPhone 5 offered to Chinese market does include the option of the Mandarin language. As per the stats provided by Emirates247, Apple is selling approximately 463 Smartphones and gadgets a minute

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