Sell Off Apple To Buy Facebook? Isn’t it A Smart One?

The Facebook’s IPO happens to be one of the most eagerly awaited events in the industry. As I have seen, very few companies have been able to accomplish what has been done by the Apple Corporation in the last few years.

what I mean to say here is that there is an extremely high probability that Facebook is going to beat down Apple when it comes to the ROI (Return on Investment) as well a that Facebook – the social media giant stock purchases in the Initial Public Offering perhaps beats the return on Apple over the next 4 years.

Let me have a comparison of both of these:


Often a unique set of certain events leads to the birth of an enterprise in such a manner that it can never ever be recreated. The biggest example we have with us is Facebook. Given any amount of money and talent, Facebook is something that cannot be recreated at all.

Google, on the other hand has tried its best and came up with Google+. It has both the money as well as the talent and Google+ is good enough. In most of the analysis, the reports states that the entire design and user-interface of Google+ is a lot better than what Facebook offers in several respects.


As Google has predominance when it comes to search engines, there is a considerable incentive for all such users who prefer showing up in the Google searches and for this reason they need to be an active user on Google+. However, Facebook is never able to meet up to this particular incentive. Such a feature has really helped Google+ to attract more than 125 million users in an extremely short span of time.

Apple itself is unique in its own ways but not when it is about the recreational aspect. Samsung is the leading brand that is simply nipping on the Apple heals. There are numerous competitors that are fully capable of manufacturing what Apply is offering to its users, and in the near future they will be on par as compared to Apple in the near future.  Apple needs to play this game a lot faster in comparison to its competitors so that they cannot catch up.

The conclusion here is that Apple does not support the unique advantage as Facebook does. In the recreational aspect, Facebook makes Apple lose. Facebook is the Winner!

Author: Sarah Aslam

Project Manager : Concept Creation

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