Women of tomorrow

Women control the majority of purchasing decisions in a household and their influence is growing. Women across the world are expanding beyond traditional roles to influence decisions in the home, in business and in politics. Marketers have a massive opportunity to better connect women with the products they buy and the media technologies they use to make a positive impact both in their lives and in the bottom line. So what traditional and new media influencers are most successful in driving women’s purchase decisions? Do women in developed countries think and act differently than women in emerging countries? What concerns do women have now and what do they expect for future generations? Do traditional roles still exist or do men and women share responsibilities equally? Importantly, how can marketers not only reach women more effectively, but how can they create messaging that better speaks to the sentiments and emotions that drive and empower women? To answer these questions, Nielsen surveyed women across generations and from all corners of both developed and emerging economies. Reaching out to 21 countries representing 60 percent of the world’s population and 78 percent of GDP, this study provides insight into how current and future generations of female consumers shop and use media differently.

The findings are both enlightening and surprising. One universal truth prevails: women everywhere believe their roles are changing and they are changing for the better.

The highlights of this study are :

1- 90% of women believe their role is changing for the better.

2- A vast horizon of opportunities, but a plateau of hope in developed economies.

3- Increasingly empowered, increasingly stressed.

4- When it comes to life’s decisions, women want to share responsibility.

5- Across generations women are alike in many ways, but they are also unique.

6- Social media has become an indispensable tool.

7- Only 10% of women are highly influenced by web ads with social context.

8- She trusts those she knows.

9-TV is the preferred source to get information about new products and services.

10- Across 95% of countries, quality is the #1 driver of brand loyalty.

The complete paper is available on Nielsen Wire

Author: Arsalan Ali Baig

Founder : Ishtihari Blog

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