Facebook’s Traffic Drops For Two Consecutive Months – Are People Done With It?

It has been reported that for the very first time, there has been a consecutive monthly drop in the Facebook traffic figures which makes it a slower growth than usual. The U.S initially falls to around149.4 million users in the month of May where as Canada lost nearly 1.52 million. At the same time, Russia, Norway, and the U.K also reported more than 100,000 losses of users.

The biggest question here is that what could be the primary reasons behind this incredible fall? Perpetually, various short term factors have been affecting Facebook’s traffic varying from country to country. Until now, it could have been something related to the lately happening cyber security breaches on various major networking web portals and big corporations such as IMF’s?

Cyber treats certainly happen to create a negative impression when it comes to online platforms. All the social networking web portals no matter they are highly popular of not, it is not an exception, if the web-surfers are feeling insecure or unsafe, when it comes to their personal information and data.


One other component to consider in Facebook’s Marketplace; it is a virtual space accessed globally which is now considered as a local market because of its geographical restrictions when it comes to trading and dealing goods. On the other hand, the web portal has not yet capitalized on its complete e-commerce prospective the possibilities for the portal are simply infinite. However, when it comes to the marketing and advertising campaigns from third-party retailers that are making use of Facebook as a platform and a trading base, could be obliquely the portal’s fundamental objective to socialize and also which is helpful in promoting the slogan ‘It’s free and always will be’.

Nevertheless, Facebook is constantly updating and a lot of new features are coming up every day. Continuous modifications seldom engender provisional ‘usage time off’ to actually get use to the new merits. Furthermore, speaking of the utilization, according to a study conducted by the Psychologists from Edinburgh Napier University in last February indicated that people who have a large number of Facebook friends are most likely to feel anxious or stressed when it comes to using the portal. However, is there anything such as too many friends on Facebook?

In case all users eventually started to catch up with the origins of those ‘anxieties’ it was simply a matter of time before that wanted to sign off, which leads to the matter, What’s coming next for Facebook?



Author: Sarah Aslam

Project Manager : Concept Creation

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