Apple has become bigger than Microsoft


Apple is known for its finest, innovative and consumer centric products while Microsoft is popular for its mass market products.  The goal for both companies is simple; both want to make money but with different approaches. When you will see a product from Apple you will notice that the creators have put heart into it and that is how they have managed to make the finest software without bugs. On the other hand, Microsoft products are even buggy even after their release.

Looks like the trend is changing in 2011, with the latest Fortune 500 report, Apple has managed to cross Microsoft in terms of their profits and revenues in Q1, 2011. I am pasting the summary reports and their rank for the comparison. See for yourself!

Although, the all time revenues and profits of Microsoft are higher than Apple, but the trend in Q1 shows consumer preference for quality and innovation in the software industry.

Author: Arsalan Ali Baig

Founder : Ishtihari Blog

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