Freecom offering thinnest mobile based hard drive for MAC users

The latest trend of mobile hard drives itself speaks for its reputation and recognition. Undeniably, now a days, people are looking out for such mediums via which they want to protect their data and keep it secure from the entire external world.

Freecom recently has released one of the thinnest mobile hard drives in the entire globe. Among all the cool portable drives that are currently available, this is one of the safest and it has been verified at CES 2011 in Las Vegas. It has been integrated with flawless features and holds featherweight. It has the ability to resist water ingression even if the entire body is submerged. It has been rated as the thinnest hard drive all around the globe; however, it has been only compatible with MAC operating system.

It has an ioSafe casing that offers strength and portability. However, it is available in different sizes that range from 320GB to 750 GB, it has an approximate thickness of 10mm to 12mm, and it is compatible with USB 3.0. The 320 GB drive has a thickness of 10mm with the 7mm thick HDD casing. The eventual model, which is the 750GB version is pretty much thinner when compared to the 350GB supporting USB 3.0 and it also enable connectivity with FireWire which offers fast operational support. It is around 12 mm in thickness.

There is a wide range of styles and features available and with this the price also varies. 320GB model is priced as €79.95; however, the same version lacks the FireWire connectivity that is priced as €119.95 and the one which supports FireWire connectivity is priced as €129.95. Although, the cost is extremely higher when it comes to an ordinary man’s budget; nevertheless, you are going to be offered with exceptionally enhanced features. You can easily get the related info about these devices from the Freecom’s official web portal.

Do you think that the manufacturers of these products should be making it available for a wide customer range all around the world except the non-Mac users?

You are welcomed to give your input! 🙂

Author: Sarah Aslam

Project Manager : Concept Creation

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