Watch Out!!! Everyone is addicted to Cell Phones!!

Social networking mediums are extremely powerful tools and are a tremendously strong addiction. In reality, it has now become too obligatory that every fifth user is grabbed by its charm even while they are on the roads. This research has been recently conducted by the RAC.

The study conducted reveals that around 21 percent of motorists are adamant to check their social media accounts while they are driving and the mostly browsed ones are Twitter, Facebook, Google Maps, music, photos, and email. 11percent prefer checking their emails however, 9 percent make use of the Google Map application to find out the routes whereas Facebook attracts 7percent.

There are 31 percent people text while they are driving and this figure has increased almost three times more than the last year figures. 28 percent people talk on phone and last year the figure was just 8 percent. 53 percent just cannot wait to check their cell phones to see who is calling them and only 45 percent subjects are not bothered about checking their phones while they are on the journey.

Nevertheless, taking a call while you are driving in considered un-influential by 46 percent of the drivers whereas the same is declared for texting by 47percent. 26 percent people prefer to check their cell phones while they have stopped at a red light whereas 9percent allow themselves with the emancipation of checking their phones when they are stuck in a traffic jam.

Adrian Tink, RAC motoring strategist stated that it is exceptionally concerning that the usage of cell phones for calling and texting is increasing greatly. The most worrying part is that people make use of all the social media applications and phones while they are driving. If you take you eye off the road even for a second to read any alert or checking the name of the caller; the results can be extremely fatal.

Author: Sarah Aslam

Project Manager : Concept Creation

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