Adobe and Microsoft having secret Meetings

Flash maker Adobe and Microsoft corporation have been apparently meeting together to discuss their partnership strategies; however, it is believed that they are building up strategies against Apple.

The New York Times have stated that CEO Ballmer from Microsoft and Narayen from Adobe have secretly met and have been discussing strategies related to Apple. As the Windows Phone 7 will be arriving soon into the market, Steve Jobs Apple’s CEO is taking a fierce filch at Flash for mobile phones; however, the other two leading companies indeed have a lot more to talk about.

Adobe’s corporate communications senior director Holly Campbell stated the New York Times that Microsoft and Adobe are sharing millions of consumers all around the globe and the CEO’s of both the companies keep on meeting each other from time to time. However, these private meetings cannot be publicly commented about their timings or even the topics.

Microsoft Corporation is investing heavily into its new venture related to the mobile phone industry with representing Windows Phone 7, and it will be working as a vital landmark for them as it is expected to grab a lot of the consumer market.

Even though it has faced too much of criticism, Flash us over the internet is still prevalent and is not supporting it ye as it becomes too expensive when it concerns the user. Windows Phone 7 is not supporting Flash yet; however, Ballmer stated that it might be supported and offered later.

Author: Sarah Aslam

Project Manager : Concept Creation

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