Apple is dominating the Japanese SmartPhone market!

Nowadays, china is not the only Asian country right now that is making the smartphone. Half of the smart phones market is caputred by another Asian country, and that is Japan. According to the recent market research being made in Japan, it is the region where smart phones have become a part of their culture. And, Currently, Apple is around teo third of all the smart phone.

Yes! this is correct. This is the nation, where every individual can get their hands on smart phones putting all American models to shame.
Among all Iphone is still the king. Japan has been years ahead of everyone, when compared with the smart phone industry, this may be a revealing look into the future of the market everywhere else. Perhaps the Android and WP7 are not as much of a threat as they had hoped.

Author: Sarah Aslam

Project Manager : Concept Creation

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