Watch Out, Twitter: Face book Patents ‘News Feed’

The patents and exclusive rights granted to face book at this week could turn out to have immense implications and propositions for the current week’s ‘news feed’ and also on the other social networking web portals.

The grant and exclusive right, which was initially reported on all the face book blogs is for ‘dynamically and enthusiastically providing a new feed about a user of a social networks’. This kind of news feeds are particularly critical, crucial and decisive to most of the web portals, providing the social networking services, typically including LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter, Google Reader. However, this has not been made clear that the patent rights would be applying to all these social networking websites or there would be just some of them.

Face book’s news feed has changed number of times from the time when the patent rights were filled in the year 2006, which did not include some of the features of face book’s system. Nick O’Neill at face book says that the exclusive right does not include the status updates and postings, and twitter would not be following under its umbrella. As an alternative, he says that the patents would be covering the news feeds, which will be based upon actions, such as adding up a friend or joining a group. However, such patents would still be affecting various social networking sites. For instance, much of the activities occurring on LinkedIn are related to career, employment actions, and opportunities but not to status updates.

Face book’s official statements did not shed the lights that on which parts of the news feed might be including the copyrights, or whether if face book is planning for enforcement.

The launch of the ‘news feed’ was a pivotal and essential moment in face book’s history in the year 2006. It was useful in changing the way millions of people discovered and consumed information on the networking websites. Face book feels humbled by the adaptation, modification, and growth of ‘news feed’ with the passage of time and pleased when awarded with the exclusive rights.

Face book has always made this obvious, clear, and apparent that it does not appreciate imitators. Now, it will be taking some action about them. The social networking website must be allowed to sue and charge those who violate the copyrights for streaming the news feeds technology. The feed, lambasted when face book rolled out in the year 2006, and now is a model, which has to spread to the social networking websites all over the World Web such as for sites like twitter.

The social media tools have evolved over a period of time like the one we used to be die-heart fans of Orkut then came MySpace, followed by face book and finally twitter. The experts say that 2010 would be the year of Google as they have already introduced Google wave and buzz, which are intending to break and beat the market records of social media networking.

Author: Sarah Aslam

Project Manager : Concept Creation

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