After Numerous Shake-Ups, is MySpace Dying?

It is remarkably difficult to believe now that there was a time when MySpace was the most popular and prominent social networking web portal in the world. After getting some faltering popularity and internal shake-up, MySpace is now more than ever is headed straight for the pavement and face-first. It is known as the latest reinvention effort known as ‘Discover and be Discovered’ as this may be MySpace’s last attempt to capture the attention and interest.

The new strategy adopted by MySpace aims to morph the networking portal into a go-to spot to find new, engaging and entertaining media. MySpace wants to shove into different things such as people, games, music, articles, trailers, movies and many others, and also now the applying the latest strategy, the status updates will also be appearing in the Google searches. This is done to support the users of MySpace to come up with an immersive and engaging learning experience when compared to the static blah of face book, apparently.

MySpace has always been a different place to people to discover things. The core concepts are customization. Self-expression and personalization. More functionality and products can also be expected which can make it easier for users to learn and discover the things they have been looking for and also to get discovered to those who matter to them. The plans are ambitious having the social networking roots and are registered as a recommendation engine than any other.

The attempts failed, as re-imaging the MySpace was not the concept. Though, MySpace music turned out to be as a fresh gush of oxygen and developed itself as a lucrative spot for indie vocals and bands so that they could broadcast and transmit their tunes and get discovered on this social networking portal. However, at the same time, MySpace suffered a media related failure as online video and audio streaming became excessive over the Internet, nevertheless, MySpace experienced a decline in viewers. It is rather truly pathetic that one of the most popular and favorite online portal could not foster attention any more. One other failure attempt was remarking MySpace, overhauling almost everything from the website changing the user interface.

The stiff competitors crushed MySpace and face book was of course huge. The statistics reveal that face book had a 200 percent increase over the last year and is being the most favorite social networking website. On the other hand, twitter is also growing exponentially. As per a rough estimate, there are around 50million tweets each day, making 600 tweets every second. In the meantime, MySpace has fallen the 55percent market share, and half of it is acquired by face book now.

MySpace is considered as dead by now and is buried deep down for most of the world. The mighty duo of twitter and face book actually killed it by the year 2009. Now, people have been deactivating their MySpace accounts and switching to face book or twitter and some of the other social networking mediums immensely.

Author: Sarah Aslam

Project Manager : Concept Creation

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